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Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics

Download PMC Data

CIPS observations of PMCs and RAA are unavailable from February of 2017 to the present.

Since AIM entered full-sun conditions in February of 2017, we have been in an operational transition period in which the spacecraft roll negatively impacts CIPS retrievals. The instrument is healthy, and we expect to begin providing data again later this summer.

Level 2 Data (Orbit Strips) -->

Note: The orbit number in the Level-2 data files is incorrect for orbits 32768 on 29 April 2013 through 40165 on 4 September 2014. To correct it, reformat it as long, then add 2.0^16.

Level 3A Data (Daily Daisies) -->

Level 3B (Movies) -->

Please note: As of March 2015, we have updated our read codes for the Level 3C, 3D, and 3E products.

Level 3C (Summary Files) -->

Level 3D (Common Volume Files) -->

Level 3E (Ground Station Summary Files) -->

CIPS Data File Reading Tools

  • To work with CIPS data using IDL, file reading tools are available on each of the Download Data pages linked above.
  • To work with CIPS data in other languages, there are a number of tools available for reading files in the netCDF format. For details, see If you use any of these tools with CIPS data, please let us know about your experience (
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