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In this library you'll find publications written by team members, handbooks or guides for the use of software and tools, and other documents like a list of acronyms and team presentations/viewgraphs.

If you would like to add anything to the library, or think anything else should be included here, please contact Laura Bloom.

Team Publications

Team Presentations/Viewgraphs

UVIS NASA Quarterly Reports

Press Clippings (most on public Press Coverage Page unless no public link)

User Guides, Handbooks and Procedures

Other Reference Documents

Guidlines for the Capitalization of Earth, Sun and Moon.
We have decided to capitalize them. Here is a letter from the Oxford Dictionary editors, as well as a copy of my the e-mail I sent as to my rationale.

UVIS Logos

To copy a logo GIF onto your desktop:
MAC: Press "control" and click on the image, hold down and choose "Save Image As".
PC: Right click on the image. hold down and choose "Save Image As".

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UVIS Logo - Color


UVIS Logo - B&W



Page updated February 2, 2009

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