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Press Coverage of Cassini UVIS

Hubble and Cassini get a 360-degree view of Saturn's auroras (w/ video):
2/11/2014, PhysOrg

Liquid Ocean Sloshes under Saturn Moon’s Icy Crust, Cassini Evidence Shows: 4/3/14, Scientific American.

Under Icy Surface of a Saturn Moon Lies a Sea of Water, Scientists Say: 4/3/14, New York Times.

Dust reveals ancient origin for Saturn's rings:  8/19/14, Nature.

Cassini Halloween Treat: Titan Glows in the Dark:  10/31/2012, JPL News & Features

Snowshoe hares and Saturn's rings:  10/24/2012, COSMOS magazine.

NASA's Cassini Space Probe That Studies Saturn Marks 15 Years in Space:  10/16/2012, Huffington Post.

Enceladus and Saturn are Linked by Electromagnetic Currents:  4/20/2011, Universe Today.

Icy moon spurs northern light show on Saturn: 4/20/2011, MSN.com

Aurora from Saturn moon 'circuit':  4/21/2011, BBC online

NASA Cassini Spacecraft Captures Ocean-Like Spray at Saturn Moon:  6/22/11, PR Newswire

CU-Boulder scientists: Saturn's moon could be stashing a saltwater ocean: 06/27/2011, Boulder Daily Camera

Saturn's Moon Enceladus Spreads Its Influence:  9/21/11, Jet Propulsion Lab Press Release

Insider's Cassini: Dr. Larry Esposito and Cassini's Ultraviolet Imaging Spectrograph:
Jul. 26, 2011, Jet Propulsion Lab Press Release

Orion's Belt Lights Up Cassini's View of Enceladus:  9/18/11, Jet Propulsion Lab Press Release

Boom and bust shapes Saturn's rings:  11/14/11, New Scientist

Mystery of Saturn's Rings May Finally Get Answer From Cassini Probe:  4/6/2010, Space.com.

Flyby night: Saturn spacecraft will capture two moons for the price of one: 5/18/2010, Daily Mail Reporter

Saturn’s rings explained: 12/12/2010. Science News.

New theory seeks to explain Saturn's unique and constantly changing rings:  1/11/11, The Washington Post

"Chaos am Saturn:  Die Ringe des Planeten sind überraschend dynamisch":  9/21/09, Deutschlandfunk.

"An Ocean on Enceladus":  12/2/08, Astrobiology Magazine.

"Plumes from Saturn moon may come from liquid water": 11/26/08, Reuters.

"Saturn's rings may not be as young as they look": 9/22/08, Science News

"New Thinking: Saturn's Rings Might Be Ancient", 9/22/08, Space.com

"Saturnringe könnten Milliarden Jahre alt sein", 9/23/08, Spiegel Online

"Colliding moonlets": 6/4/08, Science News

"Saturn: Magnificent Cassini mission gets two-year extension": 4/15/08, Space Daily

"Cassini 'tastes' organic brew at Saturn’s geyser moon" 3/26/08. Here are a few links:

NASA Press Briefing Video
"Cassini 'tastes' organic brew at Saturn’s geyser moon" ESA site (includes variety of graphics)
"Cassini Tastes Organic Material At Saturn's Geyser Moon" Science Daily
"Seeds of life found near Saturn" MSNBC
"Probe Finds Organic Soup at Saturn Moon" Associated Press

"Cassini Dives Through Ice Geyser Live on NASA.gov": 3/13/08, Wired

"Cassini Gets a Cool Shower From an Ice-Spewing Moon": 3/13/08, New York Times

"Saturn's Rings Look Ancient Again": 1/4/08, Science

"Saturn recycles its rings, creates new ones": Recurring radio broadcast beginning 12/07, Earth & Sky Program, #5427

"New CU-Boulder Study Confirms First-Known Belt Of Moonlets In Saturn Rings": 10/24/07, CU Press Release

"Flug in die Fontäne" ("Flight into the Plumes"): 8/23/07, the Forschung Aktuell radio program, Deutschlandfunk's "radio.de" site: audio clip.

"Icy Shower Poses No Threat for Cassini": 8/23/07, Sky & Telescope

"Could Enceladus' Icy Plumes Pose A Threat to Cassini?": 8/23/07, SpaceRef.com

"Hydrocarbon Hyperion": 7/7/07, Astrobiology Magazine

"Building blocks of life cover Saturn moon: Scientists": 7/6/07, CBC News

"Hydrocarbons, Necessary For Life, Found On Saturn's Moon Hyperion": 7/6/07, Science Daily

"Hyperion harbours building blocks of life, says NASA": 7/5/07, The Register

"Saturn's rings not as delicate as they look": 5/23/07, GlobeAndMail.com

"Probe finds crashing clumps in Saturn’s rings": 5/22/07, MSNBC

"Saturn's rings may be twice as massive as thought": 5/22/07, NewScientistSpace

"Cassini CAT scan maps clumps in the rings of Saturn": 5/22/07, Science Centric

"Cassini image shows "A" ring contains more debris than once thought": 4/6/06, Physorg.com

"New Observations Show Dynamic Particle Clumps In Saturn's A Ring": 9/6/05, Science Daily

"Saturn's Eerie Southern Lights": - 8/5/05, Universe Today

"Cassini snaps best images of Saturn's aurora": 8/5/05, NewScientist.com

"Enceladus' South Polar Stripes Spew "Warm" Water": 7/30/05, The Planetary Society

"Snowball FIght in Saturn's Rings": 12/20/04, Space.com

"The Year in Pictures 2004": Time Magazine

"Hints of Unseen Moons in Saturn's Rings": 11/16/04, Space.com

The Planetary Report July/Aug issue: Although you can only view this archived article if you are a subscriber, this site often has lots of interesting headlines and information on Cassini.


"Space Update: Planetary Exploration": 7/23/04, NPR Science Friday. Larry Esposito's Radio Interview. Click on "July 23, 2004-Hour One: Space Update: Planetary Exploration" (archived audio at top right in grey sidebar)

"Saturn probe enters its second act—Cassini analyzes rings, gears up for movies": 7/8/04, MSNBC

"Ultraviolet images from Cassini reeval detail of Saturn's rings": 7/8/04, USA Today

"Ice and mud make up Saturn's Rings": 7/15/04, CNN

"Spacecraft Becomes First To Enter Orbit of Saturn": 7/3/04, New York Times

"Space Update: Mission to Saturn ": 7/2/04, NPR Science Friday - Jeff Cuzzi's Radio Interview. Click on "July 2, 2004-Hour One: Space Update: Mission to Saturn " (archived audio at top right in grey sidebar)

"ARRIVAL! Cassini Enters Orbit Around Saturn" 7/1/04, Space.com

"Cassini-Huygens Settles into Orbit Around Sturn; Mission's International Team Celebrate": 7/1/04, The Planetary Society

"Cassini Arrives at Saturn Safely" 7/1/04, Universe Today

"Saturn probe sends stunning ring views": 7/1/04, MSNBC

"Home Run For Cassini—Spacecraft Successfully Gets Into Orbit Around The Planet Saturn": 7/1/04, CBS News

"Cassini spacecraft enters orbit around Saturn": 6/30/04, USA Today

"31 Moons, Now Close Enough to Touch": 6/15/04, NY Times







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