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  Latest Observations and Archives
  Operations and Planning
    Observation Planning —
       Planning Information/Spreadsheets (TOLs, SPASSs, PEFs)
       Planning Tools
      Link to CIMS Center
        Link to CIMS Web site and Instructions
      Link to Casper site
      OCD ID Numbers
      DAPS Center (Data Archiving and Processing Tools and Info)
    Operations (Engineering Plots) —
       Short-Term Plots
       3-Month Plots
       1-Year Plots
  Tools and Software 
    IDL Routines and Useful Files
      Data Handling Routines
        Calibration Flatfield Tools and Data
      Data Visualization Routines
        Ian's IDL Routines, Instructions and Text Files
      Geometry Software
    Other Software Routines and Useful Files
      Data Handling Routines
      Data Visualization Routines
      Geometry Software
    DAPS Center (Data Archiving and Processing Tools and Information)
    Team Publications
    User Guides and Handbooks
      Boresight Memorandum
      Calibration Handbook 
      Link to CIMS Center
      Data Analysis and Processing: DAPS Users Guide
      Data Analysis and Processing: Questions and Answers
      Flight Code Users Guide
      Observation Description Handbook 
      Ops Procedure
    Other Reference Documents 
      Bibliography, Master
      DAPS Requirements
      Investigation Management Plan
    Team Presentations/Viewgraphs
  Team Meetings and Communications
    Science Team Meeting Documentation and Information
    Team Events Calendar
    Team Presentations/Viewgraphs
  Contact Information: List of contact info for team members.
  Links: Links to Cassini partner's Web sites and others
  Public Site: Exit the intranet and go into the public site


Page updated July 22, 2004

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