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Team Meetings and Communications


UVIS Science Team Meetings (documentation, information and photos)
Organized by meeting date, you can find agendas, minutes (with summaries and/or action items), logistical information (when available), and photos (feel free to e-mail Laura JPGs of photos you've taken for upload). For more photos, see the public site's team page (click on "More Photos").

Team Events Calendar (includes photos of non-UVIS Team Meeting events)
Includes UVIS Science team meetings, conferences and other important events. Since a comprehensive listings of activities and deadlines are found in the mission plan on JPL's site, we won't duplicate them here, but will give you a link to the Cassini Information Management System (CIMS).

Team Presentations/Viewgraphs
If you have presentations you'd like to share with the team, please do. It could be very useful for team members to have access to a variety of graphics and information for future presentations. (Presentations are also accessible through the Library page)

Public Fileshare Page
You can post files on this page for people to download outside of this password-protected site. Send your files to me and I'll post them on the public fileshare page for a period of time. The page is part of the Public UVIS site. However, it is "hidden" and isn't linked from any page on the public site (since the files are not otherwise meant for the general public). So, tell people to go to the UVIS home page and type "fileshare" at the end of the URL to get to the fileshare page: http://lasp.colorado.edu/cassini/fileshare


Page updated June 27, 2006

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