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Tools and Software

Here you will find a variety of tools (software, routines), data and useful files for converting raw data from UVIS into physical units. If you have any routines you'd like to share with the team, please send them to Laura Bloom for upload to this page.


IDL Routines and Useful Files
  Data Handling Routines
    Calibration Flatfield Tools and Data
    Andrew's Spica Flatfield Tools and Data
    Don's Occultation Design Boundaries
    UVIS PDS data reader
  Data Visualization Routines
    Ian's IDL Routines, Instructions and Text Files
    Cube Generator
    Plot data cube element
    Animate data cube
  Geometry Software
    GEOMETER Software (Includes link to SPICE Kernel Users Guide)
    Cassini SPICE Kernel Finder
  Solar Reference Spectra and Time Series
    Solstice 2004/148 spectra (ph/cm2-sec-nm). Phoebe
    SEE Solar Irradiance Spectra
    Oxygen 1304 Time Series
Other Software Routines and Useful Files
  EUV/FUV Spectrograph Instrument Simulation
    Several files from Don
  Data Handling Routines
    (none at this time)
  Data Visualization Routines
    (none at this time)
  Geometry Software
    (none at this time)
  SPICE Kernal Utilities
    Kris's SPICE Kernel Update Applet (links you to his web page) Use this temporary link for now.
    Cassini SPICE Kernel Finder
DAPS Center (Data Archiving and Processing Tools and Information)



Page updated October 10, 2013

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