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Data Description:

Vsw is the daily-averaged magnitude of the solar--wind velocity in GSM coordintates. The data were obtained from OMNIWeb. This data is based on measurements from both the WIND and ACE satellites.
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Description of Models:

AR All Ap:  This model and the data used to generate it was described in McPherron 1998, 1999. The model is a linear AR model that uses the 36 preceding daily-average values of Ap to predict Ap on a given day. The model was generated using all of the data described in these references (from the years 1932-1996).
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Ap index

- McPherron, R.L., Determination of linear filters for predicting Ap during Jan. 1997, GRL, Vol. 25, No. 15, 3035, 1998
- McPherron, R.L., Predicting the Ap Index From Past Behavior and Solar Wind Velocity, Phys. Chem. Earth (C), Vol. 24, No. 1-3, 45-56, 1999.

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