Surface |dB/dt| Models

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Data Description:

Vsw and B_z: 
Vsw is the 30-minute average magnitude of the solar-wind velocity in GSM coordintates. B_z is the 30-minute average of the north-south component of the solar-wind magnetic field in GSM coordinates. The V_sw data were averaged from 64-second data, while B_z was averaged from four-minute data. The (Level 2) data were obtained from the Caltech ACE page.
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Description of Models:

dB/dt_02:  This was described in Weigel et al., 2002; the model predicts the 30-minute averaged |dB/dt| at spatial locations between 57 and 76 degrees GCM latitude at all local times. The inputs to the model are the 30-minute averaged values of Bz (IMF) and Vx from the L1 point.
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B and dB/dt Measurements

IMAGE magnetometer array
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