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COLLIDE-2 flight on mission STS-108 was a success.  See the What's New page for a synopsis. See the new COLLIDE-2 results page for a sample of the data and a preprint of the scientific report on the results.

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Last updated: February 12, 2003

      Results from the first flight of COLLIDE are presented in Icarus, Vol. 138, 241-248 (1999).

      COLLIDE (COLLisions Into Dust Experiment) studies low velocity collisions between space-borne particles in an attempt to better understand planetary ring dynamics and planetesimal accretion. It was launched aboard the Space Shuttle Columbia in a GASCAN (Get Away Special CANister).  Launch occurred at 2:19 p.m. Eastern on April 17, 1998, from Launch Complex 39-B at the Kennedy Space Center.

       Users of this home page can become familiar with the design, testing, and construction work for COLLIDE, the scientific basis behind the experiment, and scientific results.

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