COLLIDE - 2: Design Revisions

    This page is dedicated to displaying the modifications that have taken place to the original COLLIDE hardware as a result of analysis of the anomalies and malfunctions experienced on STS-90.  The modifications covered three sub-systems of COLLIDE.  The modifications took place to the door sub-system in each of the IBS's, the launcher sub-system in each of the IBS's and the camera sub-system.
    The first step in the design modification process was to update all or most of the COLLIDE CAD files to a more flexible design software: SolidWorks (leave COLLIDE site).  This allows the engineers to create excellent graphics quickly. A view of the full CAD build up of COLLIDE - 2 is available here (1.1 Mbyte TIFF file).
    The major features COLLIDE contained are all present in COLLIDE - 2.  The lowest velocity launchers were redesigned by Dave Crotser to allow for an increased spring constant.  The first round of launcher had springs that were too weak to for the projectile to overcome internal friction in the launcher.  Another change is a third stack of batteries in an additional Battery Box.  Modifications to the door assembly will be made to ensure that all IBS doors open properly.  Two malfunctioned on STS-90.  The camera containers lost pressure on STS-90 when their glass covers broke, presumably on launch.  New camera containers have been designed.

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Camera Modifications and Redesigns

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