COLLIDE - 2's Launchers

COLLIDE's intended purpose is to investigate the impact of projectiles of a known material at low velocites onto a layer or regolith.  In the first round, the launchers did not fuction as designed, due, mainly to internal friction and inadequate ground verification of the design properties.  The second version of the lauchers keeps in the same spirit as the first with some novel and exciting chages to increase the likelihood of nominal performance.  One of the low speed launcher has been totally re-designed and is expected to function quite well compared to the first low speed lauchner (1 cm/s).  These redesigned launchers have been tested in reduced gravity in NASA's KC-135 reduced gravity airplane, the Weightless Wonder V, also known as "The Vomit Comet."  PI Josh Colwell can attest to the appropriateness of this monicker.

The second round for COLLIDE (COLLIDE - 2) will also utilize a new design for the ball pusher and an entirely different impactor.  The new impactors are from an unlikely source, but have favorable properites over the Teflon® spheres used in the original flight.  The new impactors are quartz, and may have a modified surface depending on how the ground tests for the new material turn out.

More on COLLIDE - 2 Launchers:

Pictures of New Low Speed Launcher Hardware

Schematic of New Low Speed Launcher

Schematic of New Medium Speed Launcher

Picture of Old Low Speed Laucher


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