Mission Overview

COLLIDE (COLLisions Into Dust Experiment) will perform six independent impacts of small spheres into a fine powder called JSC-1, which is similar to lunar dust. These impacts will be videotaped by a small commercial camcorder. The impact speeds of only 1 to 100 cm/sec require that the impacts take place in a microgravity environment in order for the dust to behave the way it would in the space environments being simulated. COLLIDE will provide the first experimental data on the release of dust from the type of collisions that occurs in planetary rings, and perhaps during the early phases of planet accretion.

COLLIDE will fly in a space shuttle Get-Away-Special cannister (GASCAN), and has been assigned the GAS reservation number, G-772.

The initial proposal to NASA for COLLIDE outlines the scientific motivation for conducting the experiment. The design of the experiment has changed considerably since the proposal was written.

Project Proposal

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