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The NASA Home Page

The Get-Away-Special Home Page - with links to other GAS experiments and images.

KC-135 and LeRC Home Page - information about the "Vomit Comet" and other non-orbiting microgravity facilities.

NASA Microgravity Home Page - for all the latest on NASA's microgravity programs Related Sites.

ESCAPE II Home Page - The home page of another Get-Away-Special experiment from the University of Colorado. This one is from the Colorado Space Grant College.

DATA CHASER Home Page - Another Colorado Space Grant College payload for the Space Shuttle.

Regolith Formation Page

If you really want a sample of genuine Lunar Geology then visit this site

COLLIDE is partly about learning more about planetary rings. Here are some sites with useful and interesting information about planetary ring systems.

PDS Rings Node - This is a node of NASA's Planetary Data System (PDS) that archives and distributes data on planetary rings. There are images here as well some more technical information.

The PI has drawn strength from the music of the greatest extant rock band, Jethro Tull.  He also enjoys a good game of
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