COLLIDE-2 Results

Scientific report on COLLIDE-2 submitted for publication in Icarus. PDF format.

All 6 IBS's on COLLIDE-2 operated normally, and good video data was returned from each impact. Below, low resolution versions of the flight video show some of the impact experiments. This data set is proprietary and is undergoing analysis for publication in a peer-reviewed journal by the COLLIDE-2 science team. You will see in the videos that as the door containing the target material opens there is a spray of particles from the upper surface of the target. This appears to be the result of an electric field within the IBS acting on a triboelectric charge on the grains, and is also being analyzed by the COLLIDE-2 science team. COLLIDE-2 satisfied all of the requirements for a "Highly Successful" mission as outlined in the Science Requirements Document and 2 of the 4 requirements for the highest success level: "Exceeds Expectations." 

COLLIDE-2 IBS 1 Video, Windows Media Viewer format

Still Image from IBS 1 showing ejecta launched from the impact.

Still Image from IBS 3 showing projectile imbedded in target material. Most of the loose target material was released prior to impact by electrostatic forces.

Other IBS videos and other video formats will be posted soon.

Updated February 12, 2003 .

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