Josh Colwell
Josh is the Principal Investigator of COLLIDE. He has a Ph.D. from the Dept. of Astrophysical, Planetary, and Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Colorado.
Josh's home page 
Martin Taylor
Martin was a technical advisor who helped the engineers design the experimental systems to best meet the COLLIDE experimental objectives. He has a Ph.D from the physics department at the University of Colorado. 
Lance Lininger
Lance is the COLLIDE lead engineer. He has degrees in mechanical and aerospace engineering, and is responsible for designing the structural and mechanical systems of COLLIDE. He is also the primary machinist of the project.
Lance's Home Page 
Jack Loui came to our rescue in December and built one of our flight electronics boards.  Jack is a double major in
Electrical Engineering and Piano Performance!  He made a terrific contribution to COLLIDE as we were frantically
preparing for delivery.   Thanks Jack!
Jack Loui

Adrian Sikorski
Adrian is pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering at the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colorado. He is the primary designer of the COLLIDE battery boxes and launcher system. He is also the primary CAD drafter. 
Barry Arbetter
Barry is pursuing his Ph.D through the electrical engineering department at CU. He is the lead electrical engineer on COLLIDE and is working on the design of the control and power systems. He will also build these systems and help to integrate them into the COLLIDE assembly. 
Wayne Hooper
Wayne is a senior in electrical engineering at the University of Colorado. He is helping Barry to design and build the electrical systems of COLLIDE. 
Andreas Lemos
Andreas has a degree in aerospace engineering from CU and was hired to aid Lance and Adrian in mechanical design. His primary focus is on the camera pressure vessels and the wiring system. 
Damon Tohill
Damon recently graduated from CU with degrees in mechanical engineering and applied mathematics. He worked under a grant from the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program to conduct tests on COLLIDE prototype equipment. He was also the primary designer of the LED system for the IBSs.

Jeremy Law
Jeremy is a junior in interdisciplinary physics with an emphasis on astronomy. He worked with Damon on the UROP testing program of COLLIDE hardware. He also helped generate CAD drawings.

Rebecca Hage
Rebecca also has a degree in Aerospace engineering from CU. She worked part time on COLLIDE for several months and aided significantly in the design of the muscle wire system for the projectile launchers. 
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