Magnetosphere Seminars

November 6, 2012 – “Rapid enhanced precipitation of radiation belt electrons: microbursts and precipitation bands”

Speaker:Lauren Blum (LASP)
Date:Tuesday, Nov 06, 2012
Time:4:00 PM
Location:LASP Space Science Building, room N248 upstairs. Map

Seminar Abstract:

We investigate rapid enhancements in energetic particle fluxes measured at low earth orbit by the SAMPEX satellite. Using high time resolution data from SAMPEX/HILT, enhanced precipitation of radiation belt electrons due to pitch-angle scattering is observed on a variety of timescales. Both the magnitudes and distributions of microbursts (~msec precipitation features), as well as longer duration precipitation bands (~10 sec features), are analyzed with the goal of understanding the relative contributions of various types of precipitation to outer radiation belt dynamics. Additionally, using ground-based measurements and geosynchronous satellite data, the equatorial particle and wave populations are also examined in relation to the measured precipitation characteristics to determine potential source mechanisms. This study aids in the understanding of outer radiation belt electron losses and the relationship between precipitating energetic electrons and global magnetospheric conditions.