Magnetosphere Seminars

February 26, 2013 – “Utilizing ParaView for Visualization and Data Analysis Tasks in the Heliophysics Community”

Speaker:Joshua Murphy (LASP)
Date:Tuesday, Feb 26, 2013
Time:4:00 PM
Location:LASP Space Science Building, room N248 upstairs. Map

Seminar Abstract:

For the past year, the CISM Knowledge Transfer group has been designing and implementing LFM and Enlil data readers for the ParaView visualization system. With the goal of providing a standardized visualization and data analysis platform for CISM scientists, we have been optimizing our code to allow for fast and effective time-based 3D data visualization and analysis tasks within the greater ParaView platform. While the readers we are developing are specific to the CISM program, the uses of ParaView extend well beyond the domain of CISM. Using our work in Enlil and LFM, this talk will introduce the concepts behind the ParaView system and will show how the system may be useful to our community as a whole. We will explore the built in functionality of ParaView, and explore what is needed to customize ParaView to a scientists individual research needs.