Magnetosphere Seminars

Sep 17, 2013 – “MAVEN (Part 1): Why?”

Speaker:Dave Brain (LASP)
Date:Tuesday, Sep 17, 2013
Time:4:00 PM
Location:LASP Space Science Building, room N248 upstairs. Map

Seminar Abstract:

Well…why not? I’ll review why we think the Martian climate has changed over time, and where the biggest holes in our understanding of climate evolution lie. This leads naturally into a presentation of the mechanisms by which atmosphere can escape from a planet, and a discussion of their importance today, and over the past 4+ billion years of solar system history. The goal by the end of the presentation is to have everyone thinking “There should really be a mission to answer these questions!”, and a recognition that the answers are equally applicable to the atmospheric histories of non-Martian planetary objects.