Magnetosphere Seminars

The Magnetospheric Cusps: Signatures of Magnetic Reconnection

Speaker:Karlheinz Trattner [LASP]
Date:Tuesday, Apr 17, 2018
Time:3:30 pm
Location:LASP Space Science Building, room N100 (1st floor)

Seminar Abstract:

Reconnection at the Earth’s magnetopause is the mechanism by which magnetic fields in different regions change topology to create open magnetic field lines that allow energy and momentum to flow into the magnetosphere.  Processes that occur at the magnetopause will leave signatures in the precipitating ions observed in the cusp by polar orbiting satellites. Understanding these signatures allows the separation of spatial or temporal reconnection phenomena at the magnetopause as well as multiple reconnection locations and the remote sensing of the location of the reconnection site. The methodologies to use plasma signature observed in the cusps to understand magnetic reconnection at the magnetopause will be discussed with the help of data from the Polar, Cluster missions together with observations by the SuperDarn radar array.