Magnetosphere Seminars

Jupiter is not Earth: Latest from Juno

Speaker:Fran Bagenal [LASP]
Date:Tuesday, Aug 28, 2018
Location:LASP Space Science Building, room N100 (1st floor)

Seminar Abstract:

Juno is showing several surprises in the magnetosphere of Jupiter:
· High degree of structure of magnetic field close to the planet
· Weakness of auroral current densities system – distributed? transient?
· High color ratio auroras in polar regions (poleward of main aurora) without the corresponding downward particle energy fluxes
· Local time influence on the aurora in the polar regions (poleward of the main aurora)
· Persistent upward electron beams in the polar regions with energies extending to >1 MeV and even >10 MeV, and the possible role of whistler waves in their generation.
· Main Aurora acceleration: The predominant role of broadband / stochastic acceleration in the generation of Jupiter’s aurora; Apparent instability transition of inverted-V (potential-driven) aurora into broadband aurora, possibly associated with whistler wave interactions; Downward ion inverted V’s to 100’s of Kilovolts at the same place where downward electron energy fluxes can generate the brightest of auroras
· Fine structure and splitting of Io’s tail
· Equatorial heavy ion population trapped inside of Jupiter’s rings just above the atmosphere.
· Radiation belts at high latitude are substantially weaker than expected.
· Cold, iogenic heavy ions & lightning in Jupiter’s ionosphere

This talk will survey these results from Juno and discuss their implications.