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LASP Magnetosphere Seminars (FOM)

2015 Seminar Schedule

Below is a schedule of the informal LASP Friends of the Magnetosphere (FOM) Seminars for the Spring 2015 semester. LASP holds a series of informal seminars focused on space physics and plasma research relating to the magnetospheres of Earth and other planets. The intended audience is space and planetary physics researchers in the Boulder area, although in most instances any interested persons are welcome to attend. For more information or if you have questions, please contact Frederick.Wilder at

View the Address and Directions page for detailed directions to any of the LASP locations.

New seminars are being added. Please check back soon for a schedule update.

Current Schedule:

Current Schedule (expanded):

Jan 27, 2015 – “Source and seed populations for relativistic electrons: Their roles in radiation belt changes”

Speaker:   Dan Baker and Allison Jaynes (LASP)
Date & Time:   Jan 27, 2015 ,  4:00 PM Location: LASP Space Science Building, room W120 (1st floor).

Early studies of Van Allen belt relativistic electrons showed a strong relationship between outer zone electron flux levels and solar wind speed. Examination of this relationship later was extended to show more broadly that various kinds of enhanced geomagnetic activity often cause powerful radiation belt flux increases. Such enhancements have been shown to have a […]

Mar 03, 2015 – “Using Comets as Solar Probes”

Speaker:   Paul Bryans (UCAR)
Date & Time:   Mar 03, 2015 ,  4:00 PM Location: LASP Space Science Building, room N100 (1st floor).

The EUV emission resulting from comets’ passage through the solar atmosphere has opened many exciting avenues of study. The observations show the sublimated cometary material to interact with ambient magnetic field and highlight magnetic features that are not normally visible with EUV telescopes. In this talk, I will outline a model that describes the interaction […]

Mar 31, 2015 – “Reproducing dust-induced antenna signals at LASP’s IMPACT accelerator”

Speaker:   Andrew Collette (LASP)
Date & Time:   Mar 31, 2015 ,  4:00 PM Location: LASP Space Science Building, room N100 (1st floor).


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