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Seminars for Scientists

2016 Fall Schedule

Our Fall seminar series will begin on August 25th.

We are actively seeking speakers for our Fall 2016 seminar series, if you or a colleague would like to give a seminar please contact the Seminar Organizers Justin Deighan or Maria Usanova (firstname.lastname at LASP seminars are held every Thursday at 4:00 PM in the SPSC building, generally in room W120. Refreshments are served at 3:45. All LASP science seminars are open to visitors and our colleagues in other departments.

Current Schedule:

Current Schedule (expanded):

8/25/2016 – Robert E. Ergun; The Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission in its First Year of Operation

Speaker:   Robert E. Ergun (LASP)
Date & Time:   8/25 ,  4:00 PM Location: SPSC W120

The Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS) mission has had its first full year in orbit taking science data. After more than a decade of development, MMS has proven to be a superlative four-satellite space physics laboratory with the highest cadence and most accurate 3D plasma measurements ever made. In this talk, I review the MMS mission and its history, highlight the recent scientific advances, and talk about future efforts.

9/01/2016 – Stanley Owocki; Massive Star Magnetospheres

Speaker:   Stanley Owocki (Bartol Research Inst, U. Delaware)
Date & Time:   9/1 ,  4:00 PM Location: SPSC W120

Modern spectropolarimetry has revealed that about 10% of massive, luminous, hot O, B and A-type stars harbor large-scale, organized (often predominantly dipolar) magnetic fields ranging in dipolar strength from a few hundred to tens of thousand Gauss. This talk will discuss the role of such fields in channeling and trapping the radiatively driven winds of massive stars.

9/08/2016 – Tom Woods; MinXSS First Results

Speaker:   Tom Woods (LASP)
Date & Time:   9/8 ,  4:00 PM Location: SPSC W120


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