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LASP’s RIP CSSWE Pool Concluded

November 19, 2013

When CSSWE launched, we weren’t sure how long it was going to last in orbit.  After all, a large majority of the parts were purchased from vendors like Radio Shack and weren’t qualified for space operation.  Almost nobody could agree: days? weeks? months?  years?   So the CSSWE team opened up a laboratory-wide pool to see how long the CubeSat would remain operational.  Anybody who wanted could pick a date, and whoever chose the  date closest to the last communication with CSSWE won the pool.

The latest date chosen was Oct 19th, 2013 – giving CSSWE 401 days in orbit.  However, when Oct 19th came and went with CSSWE still operational, it indicated that CSSWE has outlasted even our wildest expectations.  Nobody has expected it to last this long!  Congratulations to the team and LASP for all of the hard work making such a resilient CubeSat!

As of today, CSSWE is still operational, now over 432 days in orbit.

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