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Education Personnel

LASP education and outreach programming is led by the LASP Office of Communications & Outreach (OCO). We support LASP in several areas:

  • External communications to increase understanding of LASP science and capabilities
  • Education and outreach programming and professional development workshops for K-12 teachers and students, university students, the media, and the general public concerning LASP science, space missions, and activities

Through our in-house experience and our extensive network of regional and national collaborators, we connect LASP scientists and engineers with a wide range of public audiences. If you are a potential collaborator and would like to get in touch with OCO about a new or existing project, please contact Erin Wood, Interim OCO Manager (see below). For information about our programming, contact


Ransom Christofferson
Web Programmer, LASP Office of Communications & Outreach



Graphics and web design: web apps, web pages (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL), photomanipulation, web interface usability, & standards compliance, online systems administration.

Tom Mason
Communications and Outreach Specialist



Science communication, social media outreach, web content management, curriculum development, volunteer management, training and personnel development, and communicating with a variety of audiences, including journalists, educators and students, scientists, and the general public.

Erin Wood
Educational Coordinator



Space science education, education and outreach, curriculum development, teacher professional devleopment, undergraduate education programming development, communicating technical science content to educational audiences, spectroscopy education