Quality Assurance & Safety

Engineering: Quality Assurance and Safety

Our stand-alone Quality Assurance group ensures the quality of all of our engineering work. (Courtesy LASP)

LASP’s Quality Assurance group works to ensure that an instrument’s mechanical, materials, electrical, parts, and software engineering and production meet stringent program requirements. The agencies and clients that we work with want verification that at every stage in the process, instrument and component development is documented and guaranteed to meet required specifications. LASP Quality Assurance personnel check procurement documentation, inspect the parts and materials that we buy from vendors, handle any nonconformance issues, inspect in-process assembly for conformance-to-design requirements, and provide an internal “check and balance” system for our work.

The Quality Assurance group also provides in-house training for LASP personnel, including such specialties as discharge control, cleanroom practices, and hazardous waste handling. Workmanship training in soldering, cabling, and polymerics ensures that our processes meet or exceed NASA specifications.

Additional training surrounds our strong focus on workplace safety. Our dedicated safety engineer reviews our activities to ensure the safety of both people and flight hardware, as well as provides training in fire and alarms response, exits, lift safety for hoists, and electrical safety.


QA Group
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