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Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics

SDO EVE Version 5 Comparisons and Validation

Validation is included in the plots that show detailed differences between version 4 and 5 (the current version). Version 5 is superior in many ways. The PDF files below show comparisons of the selected level 2 products on the first rocket day (May 3, 2010, day of year number 123), and the rest are primarily level 3 (daily average) comparisons.

  • Spectral comparisons over narrow wavelength ranges – rocket_v4_v5_comparisons – This includes TIMED-SEE, SolACES, and NASA Rocket 36.258 spectra
  • Time series comparisons over integrated 1 nm bands using daily averages (level 3) plus validation with TIMED-SEE and SolACES- eve_v4_v5_1nm_comparisons -This includes TIMED-SEE XPS and ESP quad diode comparisons, as well as MEGS-P and SORCE SOLSTICE comparisons for HI lyman-alpha
  • Time series comparisons of large integrated bands (useful for validating using AIA, ESP, etc) – eve_v4_v5_band_comparisons
  • Time series comparisons of integrated lines from version 4 and version 5 – eve_v4_v5_line_comparisons – note that version 5 has more lines than version 4 and the order has slightly changed