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Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics

Io Plasma Torus Bibliographies

Bagenal & Dols2019 The Space Environment of Io and Europa РJ. Geophys. Res. (28 May 2019)

Chronological lists of papers related to the magnetosphere of Jupiter. These are Fran Bagenal’s brief summaries of these papers. Let me know if you have corrections or if you are are not able to access the paper via your usual means (bagenal at colorado dot edu).

Torus UV Emissions (5 June 2019)

Physical Chemistry Models – or “neutral cloud theory” of the Io plasma torus (3 January 2018)

Ground-Based Observations Рof neutral clouds and the Io plasma torus Р(30 January 2018) Рcomplete?

ExtendedNeutrals – neutral clouds extending out beyond the magnetosphere – and into Jupiter’s atmosphere (5 October 2018)

Variabilities РSystem III, System IV, Local Time, Io Phase, volcanic activity Р(28 December 2017) Work in progress

Plasma-Io Interactions – Daunting to start. Someone want to help?

Io-An Alfven Wave Generator – Ed Schmahl, CU PhD Thesis 1970