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Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics

CU Housing Accommodation

Basic Information

Here is some information sent from the coordinators – PLEASE READ ME if you haven’t yet for vital check-in and check-out information!

Your stay will be in one of the massive towers on Williams Village, STERNS EAST.

Here is a map that has the key buildings labeled. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send an email to either Fran Bagenal ( or Grace Marshall (!

When? Regular Check-in, Sunday, July 8th, is from 3-5PM in Sterns East. The Sterns East desk will be open to help you from 6AM-12AM beginning Monday, every day of your stay.

EARLY CHECK IN is on Saturday, July 7th, from 3-5PM in WILLIAMS VILLAGE NORTH.

ANY OTHER check-in times: Check in at Williams Village North.

The Williams Village North front desk has 24/7 service your whole stay, so for any needs outside of Sterns East building hours (6AM-12AM), please contact them. All contact information is in the PDF titled “PLEASE READ ME” above.

Where? Williams Village – walking distance (1 mile, 20 mins) to the MOP meeting. Directions here.

  • Directions from your gate at the Denver International Airport (DIA) to Williams Village – via bus.
    • Take the subway train to the main terminal and pick up your bag at baggage claim (if necessary)
    • Follow signs for the Hotel, and go down the escalators (they are located outside, but don’t worry, the weather should still be nice!)
    • At the bottom, follow signs for the bus depot. You should be able to find the AB bus in those loading areas.
    • NOTE: This costs about $9 for students, $13 for non-students, and you can buy a ticket from the blue RTD machines. If already boarding, you can pay with cash on the bus, but they do not give out change!
    • AB1 bus
      • The AB1 bus leaves DIA every hour at 20 minutes past the hour.
      • Tell the driver you want the stop called “BROADWAY AND BASELINE”. The stop before this is called “Table Mesa Park and Ride”. Pull the yellow chord above you to signal you would like to stop.
      • Here’s a map of the AB1 walk to Williams Village.
      • Go to the big intersection, and walk East down Baseline Road (turn right at the intersection), and you should be able to see the towers from there. Please see the map provided above to guide you to the correct building.
    • AB2 bus – On weekdays there’s an additional AB2 bus (50 mins past 8am, 9am, 5.50pm, 7.50pm, 8.50pm) that also gets you close – go to 28th & College stop – map of the AB2 walk to Williams Village.
  • There are also door-to-door shuttles that are ~$40

What? While called a “dormitory” in US language – these are actually separate bedrooms. A MicroFridge (microwave, refrigerator, freezer unit) is provided in each room. But you need to share bathrooms (separate for men and for women).

  • Here’s photos of the room, meeting areas, lobby, and bathrooms. Note that every room and bathroom is different, but hopefully this gives you a good idea of what to expect.


Meals? Dinner on Sunday, breakfast + dinner Monday – Thursday, breakfast Friday. Meals not listed are not included (such as Friday dinner + Saturday breakfast). Please see the “PLEASE READ ME” above for more information.

How much?  $350 for the whole week. Yes!

Around Will Vill

Here is another guide from the coordinators of Will Vill of the best things around Boulder – below are some highlights from this list.

Restaurants to take note of:

  • Amante Coffee – Closest coffee shop to Will Vill
  • Cosmo’s Pizza – A Boulder classic, huge slices of pizza and the famous spicy ranch
  • Dark Horse Bar and Grill – ~5 minute walk to this bar with GREAT burgers – open late!
  • Cafe Mexicali – Great Mexican food and a relaxed atmosphere
  • Not a restaurant, but Sprouts is a grocery store has many healthy options

Bus Routes

  • BOUND – The main bus route that runs up and down 30th St. If you’re taking a bus to the conference, this is the one you’ll want to take.