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Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics


Code for analyzing Voyager PLS data

VIPER – and related code & data – plus field line mapping – from Voyager trajectory using VIP4 + CAN

Krishan Khurana’s Magnetic Field Model written in IDL

The Khurana magnetic field model is an empirical model based on data from the Galileo spacecraft. The code was originally written in Fortran 77/90 but has since been converted into IDL (Interactive Data Language developed by ITT). Below is the code itself along with a few sample programs for getting started. It is recommended that you have at least IDL version 7.0.4 to run these procedures.
WARNING: Only use the kk_2009 procedure and the internal ctimer function. The other internal functions are implemented with global variables and can produce erroneous results if called individually.

The following images are generated from the procedure.