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Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics


Solar Wind Interaction With Pluto


Thursday 21st August 2014

Laboratory for Atmospheric & Space Physics

University of Colorado, Boulder

08.30am Breakfast snacks

09.00       Peter Delamere – Overview: Solar Wind Interaction with Pluto’s Escaping Atmosphere

09.45       Cathy Olkin – Seasonal Variations in Pluto’s Atmosphere

10.15       Break

10.45       O.J. Tucker – Gas Transfer in the Pluto-Charon System: Implications for Solar Wind Interaction models

11.15       Fran Bagenal – The Solar Wind at 32 AU

11.45       Tom Cravens – Collisional Processes in Pluto’s Plasma Environment

12.15              Lunch

01.15       John Hale – Simulations of the Interaction: Affects of Charon on the System

01.45       Hector Perez-de-Tejada – Pluto’s plasma wake oriented away from the ecliptic plane

02.15       Peter Delamere – Sensitivity of Pluto’s bow shock location to solar wind conditions

02.45              Break

03.15       Dave McComas – The Solar Wind Around Pluto (SWAP) Instrument on New Horizons

03.45       Heather Elliott – SWAP Operations around Pluto

04.15       Randy Gladstone – Alice Observations Near Pluto

04.45       Matt Hill – PEPSSI Observations at Pluto


6.15                Dinner: Backcountry pizza –