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LASP Centers

LASP frequently collaborates with partners to establish research-specific centers that facilitate partnership and ongoing ties with others in atmospheric and space science. Below is a list of centers at LASP.

Center for Astrobilogy at CU

Center for Astrobiology at CU

Housed at CU-Boulder with leadership from LASP scientists, the Center for Astrobiology builds on institutional commitments across the field, assembling a team of scientists who together span the entire range of disciplines that comprise astrobiology.

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NSF Center for Integrated Space-Weather Modeling (CISM)-Knowledge Transfer Group and Empiricle Modeling

NSF Center for Integrated Space-Weather Modeling (CISM)—Knowledge Transfer Group and Empirical Modeling

CISM is a National Science Foundation Science and Technology Center; because of LASP’s strong links with users of space weather research, LASP Director Dan Baker leads CISM’s knowledge transfer effort.

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Sun-Climate Research Center (SCRC)

Sun-Climate Research Center (SCRC)

SCRC is a collaboration between the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and LASP. The center focuses on research areas such as how solar variations shape Earth’s atmosphere and climate.

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