Planetary Journal Club- Fall 2005

The Planetary Journal Club is generally on Fridays at noon, at the Duane Conference Room D-142. The speaker of Journal Club leads a ~30 minute informal discussion on a planetary topic, basing the discussion on a recently published paper or papers. Contact Keiji Ohtsuki ( for more information.

Fall 2005


23 Larry Esposito Monte Carlo model of sputtering and other ejection processes within a regolith

Cassidy, T.A., Johnson, R.E., 2005, Icarus 176, 499-507

30 Miodrag Sremcevic The evidence of an early stellar encounter in Edgeworth-Kuiperbelt

Kobayashi, K, Ida, S, Tanaka, H, 2005, Icarus 177, 246-255


7 Damhnait Gleeson Signs of life beneath the ice

Grasby S. E. et al. 2003, Astrobiology, 3, 583-596

28 Mike Mellon Changes in the Martian south polar deposits

van Gasselt, S.; Reiss, D.; Thorpe, A. K.; Neukum, G. J. Geophys. Res., Vol. 110, No. E8, E08002


4 Nate Murphy Influences of atmospheric variations on Mars’ record of small craters

Chappelow, J. E., Sharpton, V. L., 2005, Icarus 178, 40-55

11 Fran Bagenal Is Enceladus a serious threat to the supremacy of Io?


2 Tom McCollom Provenance and diagenesis of the evaporite-bearing Burns formation, Meridiani Planum, Mars

S.M. McLennan et al., 2005, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 240, 95-121

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