Planetary Journal Club- Fall 2006

The Planetary Journal Club is generally on Fridays at noon, at the Duane Conference Room D-142. The speaker of Journal Club leads a ~30 minute informal discussion on a planetary topic, basing the discussion on a recently published paper or papers. Contact Keiji Ohtsuki ( for more information.


Fall 2006


22 Peter Delamere Transport and acceleration of plasma in the magnetospheres of Earth and Jupiter and expectations for Saturn

Kivelson, M. G, 2005, Advances in Space Research, Volume 36, Issue 11, p. 2077-2089.

29 Dimitri Veras On the orbits of the satellites of the Pluto-Charon system

Man Hoi Lee and S.J. Peale, 2006, Icarus, 184, 573-583.


27 Keiji Ohtsuki Karin cluster formation by asteroid impact

Nesvorny et al., 2006, Icarus, 183, 296-311.


3 Bruce Jakosky A defining moment in planetary science — is Pluto a planet?

IAU resolution 5 adopted at the 26th General Assembly, 2006

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