Planetary Journal Club- Fall 2007

The Planetary Journal Club is generally on Fridays at noon, at the Duane Conference Room D-142. The speaker of Journal Club leads a ~30 minute informal discussion on a planetary topic, basing the discussion on a recently published paper or papers. Contact Nicole Albers or Keiji Ohtsuki ( for more information.


Fall 2007


14 Vincent Dols Auroral footprint of Io on Jupiter: the challenge to explain the multi-spot morphology

Morphology of the ultraviolet Io footprint emission and its control by Io’s location, Gerard et al., JGR 111, A04202, 2006
Io’s nonlinear MHD-wave field in the heterogeneous Jovian magnetosphere, Jacobsen et al., GRL 34, L10202, 2007


9 Mindi Searls Shape from shading: Photoclinometry and its applications
30 Tom McCollom Mineralogy of the Nili Fossae Region with OMEGA/Mars Express Data

N. Mangold et al. (2007) Mineralogy of the Nili Fossae region with OMEGA/Mars Express data: 2. Aqueous alteration of the crust. JGR Planets, 112

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