Planetary Journal Club- Fall 2009

The Planetary Journal Club is a Friday lunch seminar (noon; Duane Conference Room D-142) where we informally discuss (a) recently published paper(s) on a planetary topic. So bring your lunch and listen to what’s new in the literature. For more information or if you are interested in leading a discussion, (see open slots) please contact Nicole Albers (

Fall 2009


02 Larry Esposito Episodic Volcanism on EnceladusSpencer (Saturn Book), Enceladus: An active cryovolcanic satellite Meyer and Wisdom (2007), Tidal heating in Enceladus, Icarus 188, pp. 535 [abstract]
Meyer and Wisdom (2008), Episodic Volcanism on Enceladus, Icarus 198, pp. 178 [abstract]
Norm Sleep on the Rheology of Ice
23 Emma Marcucci Mercury Volcanism from the First Flyby of MESSENGERHead et al. (2008), Volcanism on Mercury: Evidence from the First MESSENGER Flyby, Science 321, 69-72 [abstract, pdf]
Head et al. (2009), Volcanism on Mercury: Evidence from the first MESSENGER flyby for extrusive and explosive activity and the volcanic origin of plains, EPSL 285, 227-242
Head et al. (2009), Evidence for intrusive activity on Mercury from the first MESSENGER flyby, EPSL 285, 251-262
Kerber et al. (2009), Explosive volcanic eruptions on Mercury: Eruption conditions, magma volatile content, and implications for interior volatile abundances, EPSL 285, 263-271 [abstract]
Gillis-Davis et al. (2009), Pit-floor craters on Mercury: Evidence of near-surface igneous activity, EPSL 285, 243-250 [abstract]


06 Tyler Mitchell Photoevaporation of Circumstellar DisksGorti and Hollenbach (2009), Photoevaporation of Circumstellar Disks By Far-Ultraviolet, Extreme-Ultraviolet and X-Ray Radiation from the Central Star, ApJ, 690, 1539-1552 [abstract]
13 Feng Tian (canceled)
20 Rob Wilson Evidence of Rings at Rhea?Jones et al. (2008), The Dust Halo of Saturn’s Largest Icy Moon, Rhea, Science, 319, 1380-1384 [abstract, pdf]
( Fuselier et al. (2009), Width and Variation of the ENA Flux Ribbon Observed by the Interstellar Boundary Explorer, Science Express, Oct 15th


04 Jim Howard (canceled)
11 Fran Bagenal Enceladus’ Plume-Plasma Interaction



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