Planetary Journal Club- Fall 2010

The Planetary Journal Club is a Friday lunch seminar (noon; Duane Conference Room D-142) where we informally discuss recently published paper on a planetary topic. So bring your lunch and listen to what’s new in the literature.
For more information or if you would like to present a paper please contact Nicole Albers (

Fall 2010


05 Andrew Poppe Comparison of simulations and experimental measurements of the lunar surface potential
Halekas et al. (2009), Lunar Prospector measurements of secondary electron emission from the lunar surface, PSS, 57, p. 78-82

Poppe and Horanyi (2010), Simulations of the photoelectron sheath and dust levitation on the lunar surface, JGR, 119, p.

19 Ryuji Morishima Recent progress in Type I migration theory

Paardekooper et al. (2010a), MNRAS, 401, pp. 1950-1964
[abstract pdf]
A torque formula for non-isothermal type I planetary migration – I. Unsaturated horseshoe drag

Paardekooper et al. (2010b), MNRAS, online early
[abstract pdf]
A torque formula for non-isothermal Type I planetary migration – II. Effects of diffusion

Masset and Casoli (2010), ApJ, 723, pp. 1393-1417
[abstract pdf]
Saturated Torque Formula for Planetary Migration in Viscous Disks with Thermal Diffusion: Recipe for Protoplanet Population Synthesis

Lyra et al. (2010), ApJL, 714, L68-L73
[abstract pdf]
Orbital Migration of Low-mass Planets in Evolutionary Radiative Models: Avoiding Catastrophic Infall

Kretke and Lin (2007), ApJ, 664, L55-L58
[abstract pdf]
Grain Retention and Formation of Planetesimals near the Snow Line in MRI-driven Turbulent Protoplanetary Disks


03 Bonnie Meinke

Raina Gough
Scott Knappmiller

OVID: Observing Vehicle for Io Discovery

(Proposal developed during JPL Planetary Science Summer School)

10 Miodrag Sremčević The opposition and tilt effects of Saturn’s rings from HST observations

Salo and French (2010), Icarus, 210, Issue 2, pp 785-816
[abstract] The opposition and tilt effects of Saturn’s rings from HST observations
Hapke et al. (2009), Icarus, 199, Issue 1, pp 210-218
[abstract] A quantitative test of the ability of models based on the equation of radiative transfer
to predict the bidirectional reflectance of a well-characterized medium

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