Planetary Journal Club- Spring 2006

The Planetary Journal Club is generally on Fridays at noon, at the Duane Conference Room D-142. The speaker of Journal Club leads a ~30 minute informal discussion on a planetary topic, basing the discussion on a recently published paper or papers. Contact Keiji Ohtsuki ( for more information.

Spring 2006


27 Sean Raymond The Origin of Planetary Impactors in the Inner Solar System

Strom et al., 2005, Science, 309, 1847-1850


3 Attila Elteto Modeling meteor ablation in the venusian atmosphere

Jonathan P. McAuliffe, Apostolos A. Christou, 2006, Icarus, 180, 8-22

10 Glen Stewart Can large planetesimals form in a turbulent solar nebula?

Johansen et al., 2006, Ap. J., 636, 1121-1134
Fromang and Nelson, 2005, MNRAS Letters, 364, 81-85


14 Licia Ray The Interaction of the Atmosphere of Enceladus with Saturn’s Plasma

Tokar et al., 2006, Science 311, 1409-1412
28 Hanna Sizemore Detecting Seasonality on Terrestrial Extra-Solar Planets?
Gaidos, E. and D. M. Williams, 2004, New Astronomy 10, 67-77


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