Planetary Journal Club- Spring 2007

The Planetary Journal Club is generally on Fridays at noon, at the Duane Conference Room D-142. The speaker of Journal Club leads a ~30 minute informal discussion on a planetary topic, basing the discussion on a recently published paper or papers. Contact Keiji Ohtsuki ( for more information.

Spring 2007


26 Lindsey Link Mars: Time for a New Chronology?Bibring JP, Langevin Y, Mustard JF, et al. 2006, SCIENCE 312, 400-404


2 Brian Hynek The youngest features on Mars: Gullies and cratersPresent-day impact cratering rate and contemporary gully activity on Mars, M. C. Malin, et al. 2006, SCIENCE 314, 1573-1577 [pdf]
Geologic settings of Martian gullies: Implications for their origins, A. H. Treiman 2003, J. Geophys. Res. 108(E4)


6 Nicole Albers Size distributions of Asteroid families and the stories they tellSize-frequency distributions of fragments from SPH/N-body simulations of asteroid impacts: Comparison with observed asteroid families, Durda et al. 2007, Icarus 186, Issue 2, 498-516


4 James Howard Nanoparticles in the inner solar systemNanoparticles in the inner solar system, Mann, Murad and Czechowski, Planetary and Space Science, preprint #74


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