The Center for Astrobiology at the University of Colorado

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Co-Investigators at the Center

Dr. Brian Hynek, Director - (LASP/GEOL)
Dr. Bruce Jakosky - (LASP/GEOL)
Dr. John Bally (CASA/APS)
Dr. Carol Cleland (PHIL)
Dr. Emily CoBabe-Ammann (LASP)
Dr. Shelley Copley (CIRES)
Dr. Ned Friedman (EEB)
Dr. Tom McCollom (LASP)
Dr. Stephen Mojzsis (GEOL)
Dr. Norm Pace (MCDB)
Dr. Alexis Templeton (GEOL)
Dr. Brian Toon (PAOS/LASP)
Dr. Mike Yarus (MCDB)

Center for Astrobiology Collaborators

Star and planet formation and evolution

Thomas Ayres (CASA) evolution of stars and the solar wind
Veronica Bierbaum (CHEM) interstellar environment and planetary formation
Luke Dones (SWRI) planetary evolution
Hal Levison (SWRI) planetary formation, evolution and dynamics
Ted Snow (APS and CASA) interstellar environment and planetary formation
Glen Stewart (LASP) planetary formation and evolution
Brian Wood (JILA) time variability of the solar wind of sun-like stars

Planetary evolution

Dan Baker (LASP and APS) planetary/solar-wind interactions
Clark Chapman (SWRI) planetary impacts and evolution of the solar system
Mike Mellon (LASP) Mars geological evolution
Nick Schneider (LASP and APS) planetary evolution

Planetary habitability

Mark Bullock (SWRI) evolution of planetary atmospheres and exobiology
David Grinspoon (SWRI) planetary evolution and exobiology
Jose-Luis Jimenez (CHEM) experiments related to aerosols in the atmosphere of early Earth
Sara Martinez-Alonso (LASP) Mars mineralogy, remote sensing,and potential environments
Alex Pavlov (LASP) aerosol formation and methane planetary atmospheres
Margaret Tolbert (CHEM) aerosol composition and radiative transfer in planetary atmospheres

Microbial diversity and life in extreme environments

Ruth Ley (MCDB) molecular analysis of microbes in hypersaline ecosystems
Diane McKnight (ENGR) environments and ecology in Antarctica
Steven Schmidt (EEB) microbiology in psychrophilic environments
John Spear (MCDB) molecular analysis of microbes in hypersaline and hydrothermal ecosystems

Origin and evolution of life

James T. Hynes (CHEM) theoretical studies of peptide bond formation under pre-biotic conditions
Veronica Vaida (CHEM) chemical evolution and origin of life

Societal and philosophical issues

Tom Yulsman (SMJC) origins, science, and society

External Collaborators


  Raymond Arvidson (Washington Univ. St. Louis)
  Andrew Steele (Carnegie Institution of Washington - Techonology)


  Mark Morris (UCLA)
  Jon A. Morse (CU)
  Ralph Shuping (UCLA)


  Chris Chyba (SETI)


  David Blake (NASA Ames)
  Mitchell Schulte (NASA Ames)


  Juha Karhu (University of Helsinki)
  Kevin D. McKeegan (UCLA)


  David DesMarais (NASA Ames)


  John Wahr (CU)
  Shijie Zhong (CU)

Graduate Students

Bruce Jakosky

  Lindsey Link

John Bally

  Nick Moeckel

Carol Cleland

  Ben Pageler

William Friedman

  Jennifer Winther

Stephen Mojzsis

  Dominic Papineau
  Zane Crawford

Norm Pace

  Jeff Walker
  Kirk Harris

Robert Pappalardo

  Damhnait Gleeson

Brian Toon

  Kaj Williams
  Attila Elteto
  Tian Feng
  Kevin McGouldrick
  Melissa Trainer

Mike Yarus

  Dan Nickerson