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The Center for Astrobiology's Spring 2013 Seminar Series

Talks are held in Benson room 380 at 1:00 PM (unless otherwise noted) on the CU-Boulder campus. CU campus map (.pdf file)

The dates and speakers are as follows :

Wednesday, January 23
Dr. Brian Hynek
(University of Colorado Boulder- Director, CU Center for Astrobiology)
Title: Understanding Early Mars and It's Astrobiological Potential from Analog Studies of Acidic Volcanoes

Wednesday, February 20
Dr. Stephen Mojzsis
(University of Colorado Boulder)
Title: Stalking the True Age of the World's Oldest Rocks

Wednesday, March 13
Catherine Johnson
(University of British Columbia)
Title: Mars Magnetic Field Record and the History of Surface Water: Are they related?

TUESDAY, April 2-4:00 PM-BENSON Room 355
Alex Sessions
(Caltech-Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences)
Title: Lipid D/H as a Recorder of Bacterial Metabolism

Wednesday, April 17
Kurt Konhauser
(University of Alberta)
Title: The Origin of the Banded Iron-Formations

THURSDAY, May 2-4:00 PM-BENSON Room 380
David Fike
(Washington University St. Louis)
Title: Grain-Specific Analysis of Sulfate and Sulfides by SIMS: Extracting Additional Information From Isotopic Records