Composite Time Series

These data sets are composites, assembled from multiple unrelated sources. Such composites allow the viewer to see trends over very long timespans or wide wavelength ranges.

Composite Lyman-alpha - A composite plot of solar Lyman-alpha measurements from 1947 to the present.

Composite Magnesium II Index - The Mg II Index is a proxy for solar chromospheric variability.

Historical TSI - Reconstructed TSI for the time period 1610-2009, based on the work of Wang, Lean, and Sheeley (2005).

WHI Reference Spectra - Composite solar spectral irradiance spectra from 0.1 nm to 2400 nm for three WHI intervals.

Composite DeLand SSI - Daily average solar spectra, 120-400 nm, 1 nm bins, 1978-Nov-08 to 2005-Aug-01.