EVE Solar Spectral Irradiance - Level 3 Time Series

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The Extreme Ultraviolet Variability Experiment (EVE) is part of the NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) mission. EVE is one of three instrument suites on SDO. EVE measures the solar extreme ultraviolet (EUV) irradiance with unprecedented spectral resolution, temporal cadence, accuracy, and precision. Furthermore, the EVE program will incorporate physics-based models of the solar EUV irradiance to advance the understanding of the solar EUV irradiance variations based on the activity of the solar magnetic features.

The EVE instrument consists of three main subsystems:

  • Multiple EUV Grating Spectrometer (MEGS)
  • EUV SpectroPhotometer (ESP)
  • EVE Electronics Box (EEB)

Level 3 spectra are the merged spectral measurements from the two spectrographs, MEGS A and B.  The A detector is designed to measure from 6-­17 nm, and 17-­37 nm using two filters, while the B  detector is designed to measure 37­-106 nm. All level 3 irradiances are adjusted to 1 AU.


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