Mission Data Files

For certain missions, we can provide the entire dataset for download as a single compressed file. To read these files, we recommend using the following IDL software routines.

IDL software:

IDL data file reader: read_lisird_datafile.pro

IDL code to read & plot these data at any planet: plot_solar_code.zip

Prepared data files for direct download:

SORCE: (25-Feb-2003 to present, 116-1600nm) .zip file ~27.7MB, ~200MB uncompressed

TIMED SEE: (8-Feb-2002 to present, 1.0-193.0nm) .zip file ~5.6MB, ~60MB uncompressed

UARS-Solstice: (3-Oct-1991 to 30-Sep-2001, 119-425.5nm) .zip file ~16.4MB, ~125MB uncompressed

SME: (8-Oct-1981 to 13-Apr-1989, 115-303nm) .zip file ~8.7MB, ~61MB uncompressed