TIMED/SEE Solar Lines - Level 2A EGS (orbit)

The EUV Grating Spectrograph (EGS) Level 2 iradiance data is time averaged over the entire day, after being 1-AU corrected and removing flares. The spectrum is sampled in 0.1 nm wavelengths bins, but the instrument resolution is approximately 0.4 nm.

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Thermosphere Ionosphere Mesosphere Energetics and Dynamics (TIMED) / Solar EUV Experiment (SEE) Solar Spectral Irradiance - Observation Average

The TIMED/SEE EUV Grating Spectrograph (EGS) instrument has been providing solar spectral irradiance measurements since Feb 8, 2002. The EGS Level 2A data products contain solar irradiance spectra spanning approximately 27-190 nm. The spectra represent an approximately 3-minute average irradiance, but are otherwise identical to the Level 2 EGS irradiance spectra. The spectra are reported in 0.1 nm intervals (with detector resolution ~ 0.4 nm), and have been adjusted to remove the 1-AU annual distance variation. These products contain some flare spectra, and interested users should refer to the SEE flare catalog.

For daily average measurements without flare contributions, refer to the SEE Level 2 EGS data products.

For FTP access to individual files visit the SEE Main Data Page.

These files are available via a web service interface that recognizes requests like this:


where date formats are of the form yyyydoy and "doy" is day of the year. Both zip and tar format are supported.