TIMED/SEE Solar Spectral Irradiance - Level 3 Time Series

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Thermosphere Ionosphere Mesosphere Energetics and Dynamics (TIMED) / Solar EUV Experiment (SEE) Solar Spectral Irradiance - Daily Average

The TIMED/SEE has been providing solar spectral irradiance measurements since Feb 8, 2002. The SEE Level 3 data products contain measured solar irradiance spectra spanning approximately 27-115, 121.5, and 129-190 nm. A model is used to fill the gap around lyman-alpha which cannot be measured to to the filter needed to decreases the lyman-alpha signal. Another model is used to extend the spectrum from 0.5-26.5 nm and is described in the SEE Level 4 product. The spectra represent a daily average that is reported in 1.0 nm intervals. The measurements are adjusted to remove the 1-AU annual distance variation and median filtered to remove large flares. For higher cadence 1.0 nm measurements, including flares, refer to the SEE Level 3A data products and for high spectral resolution data refer to the SEE EGS Level 2 or 2A data products.

We recommend using the SORCE SOLSTICE measurements when available for wavelengths longer than 115 nm. Since May 2010, SDO/EVE has been providing higher resolution, higher cadence spectra from 6-37 nm, and daily spectra from 6-65 nm.

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