TIMED/SEE Solar Line Irradiance - Level 3A

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Thermosphere Ionosphere Mesosphere Energetics and Dynamics (TIMED) / Solar EUV Experiment (SEE) Solar Emission Line Irradiance - Daily Average

The TIMED/SEE has been providing solar spectral irradiance measurements since Feb 8, 2002. The SEE Level 3A data products contain measured solar irradiances and 38 extracted emission lines ranging from 28.4 nm to 181.7 nm. The lines are integrated from higher spectral resolution data and the background is subtracted. Line irradiances represent about a 3-minute observation average with one per orbit. The measurements are adjusted to remove the 1-AU annual distance variation. These measurement contain flares. For daily average emission lines, excluding flares, refer to the SEE Level 3 data products. We recommend using the SORCE SOLSTICE measurements when available for wavelengths longer than 115 nm. Since May 2010, SDO/EVE has been providing higher resolution, higher cadence spectra from 6-37 nm, and daily spectra from 6-65 nm.

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