TIMED/SEE Solar Spectral Irradiance - Level 3A Time Series

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Thermosphere Ionosphere Mesosphere Energetics and Dynamics (TIMED) / Solar EUV Experiment (SEE) Solar Spectral Irradiance - Observation Average

The TIMED/SEE has been providing solar spectral irradiance measurements since Feb 8, 2002. The SEE Level 3 data products contain measured solar irradiance spectra spanning approximately 27-115, 121.5, and 129-190 nm. A model is used to fill the gap around lyman-alpha which cannot be measured to to the filter needed to decreases the lyman-alpha signal. Another model is used to extend the spectrum from 0.5-26.5 nm and is described in the SEE Level 4 product. The spectra represent a 3-minute average, one per orbit, that is reported in 1.0 nm intervals. The measurements are adjusted to remove the 1-AU annual distance variation and median filtered to remove large flares. For daily average 1.0 nm measurements, excluding flares, refer to the SEE Level 3 data products and for higher spectral resolution data refer to the SEE EGS Level 2 or 2A data products.

We recommend using the SORCE SOLSTICE measurements when available for wavelengths longer than 115 nm. Since May 2010, SDO/EVE has been providing higher resolution, higher cadence spectra from 6-37 nm, and daily spectra from 6-65 nm.

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