LASP Time Series Server (LaTiS)

The LASP Time Series Server (LaTiS) is an API that allows software programs to access most data sets on LISIRD.* LaTiS provides customizable data access functionality. With a LaTiS URL a client can:

  • select a data set
  • specify the desired variables
  • specify the desired range
  • pass the result through a number of filters
  • specify an output format

Specific details about LaTiS are provided below.

*Some data sets are not currently served by LaTiS. Information about their APIs may be found on their respective LISIRD pages.

Example LaTiS URLs:

Spectral data from a single day of UARS, in CSV format:,irradiance&time~2001-01-01

SORCE TSI data for one year>=2005-01-01T12:00&time<2006-01-01T12:00

Info page for Historical TSI

IDL code to retrieve SORCE MgII data