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Student art contest timeline

March 15
Contest opens
April 8
Contest closes
April 16
Public voting begins
May 6
Public voting ends
May 20
Contest winner announced!

Send your name & message to Mars activity timeline

May 1
Activity opens
July 1
Message activity closes
July 15
Public voting begins on messages
July 29
Public voting ends on messages
August 8
Message contest winner announced!
September 10
Name activity closes

November 18
MAVEN launch period opens

Frequently asked questions

What is the Going to Mars campaign?

Using innovative online tools, the Going to Mars campaign will allow members of the general public to participate in the mission and “go to Mars” with the MAVEN spacecraft.

Why is the Going to Mars campaign being offered?

The MAVEN team wants to share our excitement about the mission and space exploration with you! This project is open to people all over the world.

What is MAVEN Education & Public Outreach?

The MAVEN “E/PO” program is an exciting suite of activities to share the mission with a range of audiences. We are aligned with the NASA Science Mission Directorate’s goals for E/PO. Learn more about MAVEN E/PO.

Who can submit a name and where will it go?

Anybody on planet Earth is welcome to participate! However, to create a log-in you must be 18 or older. If you are under 18 and you would like to enter, please ask your parent or teacher for help.

Your name will be written to a DVD and sent into Mars orbit on the MAVEN spacecraft.

What is the Message to Mars contest?

Craft your own original message to Mars! Messages, which must be in the form of a haiku poem, will be voted on by the public; the top three most popular entries will be sent to Mars onboard the MAVEN spacecraft and will be prominently displayed on the MAVEN website.

Messages must be in English. If you win and if English is not your first language, you will have the option of providing a translation for inclusion on the DVD.

How do I submit my name and message?

We are no longer accepting names or messages.

Will my name be made public after submission?

Your name will be burned to a DVD for inclusion on the spacecraft, and you will have the option of printing out a Certificate of Participation. Your name will not be made public.

Do I have to submit both my name and a message?

No. You can submit either your name, a message, or both.

What language can my message be in?

Your message must be in English. If you win and if English is not your first language, you will have the option of providing a translation into your native tongue.

Does my message have to be in a specific format?

Yes! Your message needs to be in the form of a haiku poem. For the MAVEN contest, we are defining a haiku as a poem made of three lines; the first and last lines must have exactly five syllables each and the middle line must have exactly seven syllables. Here is an example:

Mars mysterious
Thin sky and water-lined face?
MAVEN on its way.

I made a mistake with the wording of my message. Can I revise it?

Yes! Please delete your entry and enter a new one.

Can I have more than one message?

No. Only one message per person is allowed.

I am an educator and I would like to make this a class project, but the system won’t let me upload all the messages under my name. Can you help?

Yes! Please contact us and let us know that you are an educator. We will assist you with participating.

When I send my message URL to friends, they can’t view it. Why?

Before public voting begins, only you can access your unique URL by logging into your account. Once the voting opens, your friends will be able to see your message and vote on it. If public voting is open and you’re still having trouble, make sure you send out the correct URL. Contact us if you are still having trouble.

How can I get enough votes to win the message contest?

Get out the vote! Tell your friends and family about your entry, send the link out on Twitter (use the hashtag #GoToMars), let your friends know about your entry on Facebook—be creative in spreading the word!

How will the contest winners be determined?

The contest winner will be determined by public vote via our online interface. We sort entries by number of votes. For your best chance at winning, encourage all of your friends and family—as many people as possible—to vote on your entry!

Can I flag names/messages that I think are inappropriate?

Yes! We encourage you to help us flag inappropriate content.

My name/message has been flagged/removed unfairly. What can I do?

Please contact us with your unique URL and explain that you think your name/message was flagged unfairly. We do reserve the right to remove inappropriate submissions from the site without consent or notification.

I lost my Certificate of Participation. Can I print it out again?

Yes! After logging in, click on “My account” near the top of the page; follow the instructions to view or print your Certificate of Participation.

Who can I contact if I have trouble or if I have questions?

Please contact us.

Questions about the student art contest

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