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Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics

MAVEN Launch Invitation Request

Sign-up Form

  • You and your guests can sign up as individuals or as small groups of no more than six total with each group having a primary contact.  Think of this as “head of household” or “driver of the car”.  The primary contact is the only one who will receive the email invitation.  You cannot be primary contact for more than one group.  Groups are very helpful for families (because only one person needs to RSVP), and are necessary for those who will be bringing children under age 18 (see above).
  • If any member of your group is a foreign national, the process is different; contact the sender of your email invitation.  IN THIS CONTEXT, GREEN-CARD HOLDERS ARE CONSIDERED TO BE FOREIGN NATIONALS.
  • When you sign up on the registration form, you will have to provide the following information. Please be complete, to avoid the name getting kicked out later in the process.
  • Is primary guest and/or any additional guest a foreign national or green card holder?
If the answer is going to be "yes," please contact the sender of your email invitation first.)
    • Prefix (Dr., Mr., Ms., etc.)
    • First Name of primary guest
    • Last Name of primary guest
    • Number in Party
    • Additional Guest Names (in format of first name and last name, with multiple names separated by commas)
    • Sponsor (this should be the name of the person who invited you)
    • Sponsor Connection (listed in your invitation email)
    • E-mail Address for Primary Guest (should be an e-mail account accessed frequently, and must match the address where you received your invitation)

    All submissions must be made by 15 July in order to get submitted on time to NASA.

    This registration period for this form is now closed.